Hi, I’m Dalton Kreiss, former small business owner, engineer, MBA graduate, ex-corporate project manager turned entrepreneur.

Today I travel the world as I do freelance startup consulting, work on my startup projects, and teach entrepreneurship education on the side.

I created SideStartupClub to help driven professionals exploit business opportunities without having to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on formal business education the way I did four years ago.

Enabling individuals to realize their business dreams through practical based education is a strong passion of mine. Anytime someone can break out from the corporate cage or fulfill a lifelong dream is meaningful work for me. Anytime a profitable business opportunity can be exploited by the average Joe instead of a corporation also makes me smile.

I’ll openly admit, most of my business successes thus far are quite moderate with a few long term projects in the early phases. As you can see below, most of my time has been spent in academics. Below are a few of my credentials and below that are companies belonging to our business portfolio. 

  • First place in Startify’s European Commission pitch competition (Greece)
  • First place in E-unlimited’s European Commision champion pitch competition (Brussels)
  • Invited to and pitched at European’s Venture Capital Summit (Germany)
  • Graduated with honors at Germany’s proclaimed best entrepreneurial MBA, HHL Graduate School of Management
  • Head of HHL’s venture capital club which the chairman is the founder of Travigo and a partner in Monkfish Equity.
  • First place in HHL’s entrepreneur business competition
  • ‘Best pitch’ in HHL’s business model development program
  • Raised capital for our startup in Doha, launched internet side hustles, created online courses for idea generation and business model development.

What I can undoubtfully claim is that I will show you the proven process of researching a business idea, strategizing the business model around it, and how to go about building and launching that model. A process which has been taught to the 130 successful startups, including Travigo and Mr. Spex, coming out my tiny graduate school.

Watch me as I apply this process to my own ventures from ideation to launch. Follow along and get consultation on how to apply a given step to your business.

This may not be your elite $4000 dollar for 6 week startup program taught by legendary Silicon Valley gurus, but it is surely the best ‘bang for your buck’ interactive practical training that you will find on the market and the same training being taught at today’s elite entrepreneurial MBAs. 

Meet Tyler. 

Tyler is a digital marketing expert with 8 years of experience and a fellow passionate entrepreneur with 3 successful companies to date.

Participating as an advisor to members as well as a guest instructor for the SideStartupClub provides an outlet for Tyler’s quest to be involved in as many online money machines as possible.

A great value proposition is only as good as the marketing behind it. You can have the best website with the best offer for a given product and market, but if nobody can find your website, it’s pretty much useless.

This is where Tyler steps in and provides expert consultation on how to most effectively market a given enterprise. His deepest expertise is primarily in SEO, email campaigns, sales, and pretty much all things digital marketing, but his business experience goes far beyond marketing as he has created multiple businesses each with 6 figure revenues.

As your business model passes the validation phases and its time to launch your product or service, Tyler will be there to make sure you are executing the best marketing strategy possible and guide you towards the best resources and services to get the job done right. He is extremely knowledgable in website build outs and growth hacking.

Our Business Portfolio

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