Welcome to the SideStartupClub!

To get ready to start building businesses together, check your email inbox (and perhaps your spam folder sometimes…) for a few instructions on how to get prepared for a successful club experience.




If you are ready to get setup now, here are the exact instructions in the email:

First – Once inside the members’ area, please be sure to check out “Welcome To The Club” intro material (text and 2 videos – 20 minutes). This will give you an overview of the theory behind the startup process and what you will be doing for the next several weeks.

Secondly – Please prepare for your first live session by reading the text and watching any videos marked with ** under the “Next Session” in the “Here’s  What’s Going On Now” tab of the members’ area. Check out the other videos in this session for a deeper understanding of the given subject matter as you feel fit!

Reach out to us at admin@sidestartupclub.com with any questions at all!

Please send us an email letting us know what business you are planning to pursue and what specifically you hope to get out of your experience here. This will help us serve you best!


Sidestartupclub team